Meet Kia Morgan Smith, Founder of Keekeeing with Kia

Who is Kia Morgan Smith and where did I come from?

Well, I’ve been around FOREVER.

In no particular order, I’m a writer, a mom, wife, cupcake slayer, culture critic, speaker and an outspoken activist who has a passion for helping people walk in their purpose.

I’m a Philly girl who has made Georgia my home, but I’m no Georgia peach.

I’ve got a flair for being funny, witty and a deep desire to one day DJ a party for the people. I love hip-hop and can’t nobody make me feel differently about it.

I am an award-winning journalist with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from  Norfolk State University, who is passionate about storytelling. I’m a former educator with a Master’s degree from Cheyney U who once taught school but realized Bebe’s kids would someday break me. So back to where I belong at the helm writing and using my talent to entertain the world.

Formerly as The Grio’s chief content writer, I delivered high-quality, insightful, informative and entertaining content daily, helping to grow its platform from less than one million viewers to more than four million in less than 24 months. My impactful and witty writing style has earned The Grio record-breaking viewership.

I did that. I am Neo. I am the one.

With more than 20 years plus of editorial experience in print and online media, I’ve also written for sites like Aol, SheKnows,, Los Angeles Sentinel, The Gary/Chicago Crusader, CocoaFab, The Oklahoma Eagle, The Philadelphia Tribune and the Virginian-Pilot to name a few!

I’ve interviewed dozens of stars and my laid back, around the way girl style has made me the go-to celeb interviewer.

Now with Keekeeing with Kia, I am carving out my own path to bring you the news firsthand with sit down interviews with your favorite stars.

So what does it mean to Keekee?

To keekee is to laugh it up, talk it up and have a good old conversation and cackle with friends.

That’s what we plan to do because we all need to be more chill considering the current climate in the world, right?

Also expect some real-life, first person stories from the heart about my life, marriage, in-law issues, motherhood, the agony of losing jobs, women’s health, finding yourself and even the tragedies that changed me like when I lost my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews who were murdered in 2019 by my other nephew.

Yeah that.

I’ll get around to talking about that eventually.

But get ready for lots of keekeeing and laughing it up like old friends while dishing about the latest news and gossip.

Thank your visiting and be sure to check in with us daily here and on, Twitter @keekeeinwithKia (no g) and Instagram @Keekeeingwithkia.

And be my eyes and ears and email me here if you see something that we should know about and let us know about a #MajorKeeAlert we should post!

Thanks for stopping by and and stay tuned, there’s so much more to come. xoxo